Monday, November 15, 2010

Act 3 Scene 2

Here the fool speaks in common sense. Lear is exposed to the storm and the fool says he needs to get in a house to shelter from the storm. But he also suggests that the house should have harmony and that it should not be troubled by the schemes of woman. Here the fool states sn another prophecy: a prophecy of the nature of a good government and a good society.

Characters Thoughts/Feelings
The Fool is very concerned with the sanity of Lear. He sees that his mind has become a storm that’s out of control. He feels that he has to help guide Lear and now their roles have been reversed and the Fool must care for the King.

The fool has a foresight of a government and a society of high quality, but he realizes because of Lear’s personal flaws the prophecy will never come to pass.

Diary of a Fool

Dear Diary

Things have gone bad to worse. The king’s sanity reflects the turmoil of the storm. It is now my responsibility to look after him. I had finally convinced him to take shelter from the hash storm…I just hope fortune will smile on us in the near future.

King Lear Clip

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