Monday, November 15, 2010

Act 1 Scene 4

In this scene right before the Fool enters Lear addresses to his subordinates. They have been telling him that his daughters Regan and Goneril were lying through their teeth in order to acquire his kingdom, but in his pride he would not heed their advice. At this point the Fool shows himself and offers Kent his coxcomb(fool's cap) implying that he would be a fool if he were to serve a king that would banishes two of his daughters and blessed the third one without intending to. Lear becomes unhappy with the Fools criticism and warns that he will be whipped if he continues, but the Fool replies that the King can punish him but that will not change the truth. The fool then tells him the truth in a form of a riddle, but both Kent and Lear thinks he is speaking in nonsense. The fool calls Lear a fool because he gave all his titles away and the title “fool” is the only one left.

Characters Thoughts and Feelings
In this situation the Fool realizes that Lear is not open to direct advice on the current matter so the Fool presents the advice through Kent. By offering the coxcomb to Kent he is saying indirectly to Lear that he’s the fool for not heeding Kent's advice. He feels that Lear is blind to the truth and that Kent is only trying to help the King see the errors of his judgment. Even after being threatened by being whipped he would tell the truth no matter what punishment awaits him. Although Lear and Kent both think he speaks nonsense the Fool knows what’s to come and that King is the real fool.

Diary of a Fool

Dear diary

Today I was summoned to the presence of King Lear and I was shocked to see that he’s completely blind to his two daughters Ragen and Goneril manipulating him through they’re forked tongues for their own interest. Kent took great offense when I offered him my coxcomb but who is the real fool:  the fool or the fool who follows him. Fortunately Kent the loyal subject that he is tried to convince him with the truth but as always nuncle refuses anyone’s advice and banishes Sir Kent; but I feel that we’ll be seeing him again.

King Lear Clips

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