Monday, November 15, 2010

Act 2 Scene 4

In this scene the Fool responds to Kent’s portrayal of Lear’s daughters of betraying him. The fool then sings in what I think is a prophecy of Lear’s downfall because of the betrayal of his daughters.

Characters Thoughts/Feelings
Despite laughing at Kent while in stocks he feels that Kent understands the situation between Lear and his daughters and is trying to give an accurate description of what’s going o. But Lear would not listen to reason. So the Fool feels that he can only try to say what the future would hold if Lear keeps moving in this direction.

Diary of a Fool

Dear Diary

Yet another sad day. Although it was funny to see the King’s new subordinate in stocks he too gives him good advice but yet again the King does not listen. And again he does not heed my advice as well because in his eyes I'm just a fool.

King Lear Clip

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